we will be back someday
grays in our hair
i hope you remember my name
talk about the passing years
how we have lived our lives
how the world got bigger than us
the people we lost, the ones who stayed
we’ll know things we never knew back then
discover our truths and lies
who we are is never the same
but this place played a part
so take a walk with me
let’s weave a path
maybe we’ll get lost
maybe we’ll never find each other
but if time would still be kind
i shall see you again

a heart on detour

A heart on detour
still has a long journey
searching for her
always searching for her

This empty road stretches
dusk is here and
the madness lingers on

Going where the sea
touches the sky
giving up the truth
baring the darkness
of my soul

Home…let me go home

gray days


Yeah really, what has love got to do with staying in an abusive relationship?

You tell me you want to help change her abusive ways but is staying really helping both of you? How can the abused help the abuser when you are the one bearing the pain?

I want to be there for you but I’m not going to lie that hurting her and taking revenge came to my mind. But this is not about me. This is about you and your well-being. So, tell how to help you, tell me what kind of friend you need me to be.