dear girl


breathe. cry if you must. scream if you must. let the demons out. fight the devil off your mind.

you are not to blame nor your dress or even your smile. a no is a no however you say it.

love is not a ticket to hurt someone. it does not demand the beloved.

pick up your broken pieces. take time to heal. forgive.

you will get through this. have faith.


how can you know
if you don’t let it show
you will always drown
if there is only doubt
you’ve never made a sacrifice
nor made a compromise
so put down your pride
you have no right
do not demand a thing
when it is only the beginning


i watched these days go by
like you are by my side
oh if i stayed
if i never looked back
but the footprints were long gone
washed away by the ocean
yet i do not want to forget you
but everything goes away
like the sun, the water and your name
and time, like the wind
will not pass this way againimg_1260

note to self

Today was not the best of days. It was one of those which if you have a choice, you’d like to redo over. But you can’t. Mistakes happen, and should happen. Nothing is ever perfect, so are you. Please know that mistakes do not define the entirety of your being. But what you do about them gives you the opportunity to realize what you are capable of. And what you do about them tells you more about yourself than the actual mistakes committed. Be humble enough to accept your misgivings; ask pardon, ask for understanding. If you still can, correct them. Make amends. But realize that being pardoned does not give you the ticket to commit mistakes over and over again. Be better than who you are when erred. Strive harder. After facing the truth and correcting the errors, love yourself enough to move on. Let go of the pain, anger, the self-hate. Let it just be a reminder but do not dwell on what was done. Look ahead. Today is just one of the many days. And right now, at this very moment, this may just be one of your best.

P.S. Smile! You know who you are, you know who you are not and you are okay.