From the beginning, you own me. The blank space. The curiosities. All the questions, answered/unanswered. Truths I may never bother to uncover. The great picture, the realm of this universe. Those that matter. The threads of life and blood flowing among us. The silence, the fear, the wins and losses. The blood on my hands.... Continue Reading →



I owe you my life. You don't ask for anything yet I want to give you great things. But these hands can't seem to reach them. I owe you my sanity. You are the silent voice in my head. Listening, encouraging. I owe you my gratitude. For your unfailing love, my strength. The tears and... Continue Reading →


I won't be able to reciprocate all the sacrifices you have done but there is only one thing I am capable of doing - I will keep on loving you. - rpp


here we are getting closer to the finish line. amidst the crowd, the noise, the loss and triumphs, will you still hold my hand? will you let me win this time around? - winner takes all


my darling, don't deprive me of the love which you are capable of giving. happiness is here, right in front of you. - look up


Is there still a chance to change your mind? Because I never lost my faith in us. I know I've fallen too hard. Lost myself too much. But won't you please come back to us? - losing patience


I believe in the capacity and determination of the human spirit to strive and survive. To create and destroy but also to hope, embrace and love the flaws and beauty of this world. I believe that broken hearts get stronger to be able to bear the pain until it doesn't hurt anymore. - carry the... Continue Reading →


Anyone can teach you how to win but only you can make it happen. Anyone can tell you to get up after a fall but only you can make the move. Anyone can show you how to get a life but you decide how you live your life. You can follow anyone, be anyone but... Continue Reading →


Today shines like no other. It's all about us and the open field, and dreams, and the feel of our feet on the sand. And your laugh, this happiness. - wishing well

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