new year

Wake up to a new day. Pick up the pieces of the past, of yesteryear. Be grateful of your yesterday and be a better You today. Carve new paths. Create your joy. You will never be enough for everyone but you are more than enough for you. Never miss an opportunity to be who you... Continue Reading →

this bed

baby we are no longer dreaming but we never forget no longer hiding this time together caused our downfall we found security yet lost our selves this here is real but do you still remember my name could we ever get out of this madness we created doesn't it make you mad that we no... Continue Reading →

It is not a fad

Depression is not a laughing matter. It is not a fad or a competition with other people. It shouldn't be defined by the number of likes or tweets in social media. It is not a cute dog begging for a pat in the back. It is an everyday battle, a war inside. You either survive... Continue Reading →

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