Grace Island: More than a blessing

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A few days before Christmas day were spent with family and some visiting guests in this island a few hours by boat from my childhood town of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. The resort was named Grace because the owners considered the island a blessing. It’s a small resort and you can go around the island in minutes. We were lucky because we got the whole island by ourselves since we were the only guests especially during our second day. Aside from the floating cottages which we got (so that we can just jump to the water anytime we wanted to), the resort also have hilltop cottages. Only downside of being in the floating cottages is that you need to go to the ground area for the rest and shower rooms. The floating cottages only have porta potty so it may be a bother to some to go out of the room to shower or for other calls of nature. They offer rentals for water activities like jet skis, kayaks and the likes and they also have island hopping tour in the neighboring islands and beaches. Aside from the water activities, they also have a mini-zoo, zip line and one can also go biking around the island.
We got to soak up the sun and the sand. The air and water were cold but the sun came out bright and hot so we were fine with that. Plus we were fed with delicious food. The return home was a bit stressful due to the rough seas but overall it was a great break and I got to enjoy it more because of the happy people I’m with.

To know more, visit their FB page here.


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