Live light.

Free yourself from the bondage of sins so that you can pass through the narrow gate. Take off that negativity necklace around your neck. Remove the chains of guilt from your wrists. Shake off the shadows from your back.

You don’t need them. They just make life difficult. They only hinder your passage. Be light. Live light.


2 thoughts on “Live light.

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  1. Subject: Request to Reprint Your Article in my Attleya Magazine
    Hi “litterthoughts”,
    I loved reading your article on “Live Light“ on your blog at
    I am about to publish a new magazine issue called “Attleya Magazine” exclusively on the Apple Newsstand and I think the readers of the magazine would love to read this article too.
    I was wondering if I could reprint that article and use the pics in the magazine. If you would like me to promote something for you, maybe a book or a specific web page you want me to point people to I would be more than happy to do it. Because it is an interactive magazine, once people have read the article they can be directed straight to a web page of your choice.
    I hope to hear back from you soon
    Kind Regards,
    Reggy from Germany


    1. Hi Reggy,

      Thank you for visiting my site and considering my post. Just email me when you do decide to use my post or any material in my blog so that I can check it also. Thanks!


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