Stars no. 2

Dear M,

I can’t see the stars tonight but hearing the rain made me think about her. The date’s approaching again.

Remember the time she laughed so hard she fell off the chair or when you both got caught cheating in an exam you thought it was the end of the world? The time when she recited in front of the class and got so embarrassed she wished the earth would just swallow her then. Or when she forgot her keys inside the car and blasted us for forgetting?

Remember when she almost knocked your coffee down when you won a pair of tickets to our favorite band’s concert? We almost severed our friendship then because you only have one extra ticket and someone will be left behind. But you both ended up not going anyway because she got sick the day before.

Remember when she almost jumped from that bridge but were too afraid to do so or the look in her face when she did jump into the freezing cold water because we wouldn’t stop taunting her? Don’t forget the time when she cried a bucket and did not go out of her house for days because the love of her life broke up with her. I wonder if he found out it was us who hacked into his e-mail account.

Remember when she got so frustrated and hit the quit button but started again the following day. Or the time she got so mad when she found out about the sad little numbers. And how we couldn’t get them to multiply.

I still remember the day when she told us her secret; it’s as if it was just yesterday. It was raining then just like tonight. Do you still remember?

Miss you,



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