3S of Lent

To realize that alone time is not solely being by myself but being in His presence. Asking for peace and deliverance. Silence permeates the confusion in my mind. Silence to understand His words and retreat inside His arms. Unburden the heart, untangle the soul.

Let go of human frailty, of my sins. Being guilty from the weaknesses of the flesh. To be naked of the things that trapped the soul. Disowning a sinful heart. Rise above the brokenness by the aid of His mercy. Forgiven not because of my merit but because of His love. Emptied for my cup to be filled by His grace. My life is His sacrifice.

For joy comes from the Spirit. Just like how the water flows and light transcends. Heaven is still for everyone. Embracing a fellow and leading the way to home. Following Jesus’ footsteps, carrying a brother in the journey. Belief to be worthy of loving…to be worthy of Jesus.


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