He said to me, “Negativity defeats not your boss, not your friends, not even your parents. Negativity defeats only you. Stop your destructive thoughts right now! Look around. Look at yourself. You have so many things to be thankful for. Not many people has been given one more day to be alive. You are young, you have beauty, you are healthy. Be grateful for that. Be grateful that you have complete limbs. You can see, you can speak. You have a job. You have a nice bed to rest your body. You have so much! Try to look at things with a little more positivity. You say that nothing is happening in your life but it doesn’t mean there really isn’t. Every day, life is happening. Every moment is changing.”

“So, do not say that you do not have faith anymore. Because it is by His grace that you are here. It is by His grace that you are saying these things to me and His grace that I am saying these things to you. You could have easily gone home tonight but you came here instead and stayed. A simple acceptance is a great thing. That itself is faith.”


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