Open your eyes

From where I stand the sea and sky are one, where one ascends and the other descends, meeting in a kiss of the deepest blues and indigos. I look down and see the soft ground breathing life into fields of wildflowers. Their colors contrasting with the grasses of green and brown and it is beautiful.

From where I stand, a child is crying of hunger. She stares inside the corner restaurant and watches people stuff their heart out and hopes they throw their scraps her way. I walk a little farther on and look around. From this point,  I hear the sounds of bombs going off and the deathly exchange of gunfights. And I don’t understand the reason why.

From where I stand, he dances gracefully under the scorching sun. Amidst the smoke, the noise and the drivers with the heavy hearts, he flows rhythmically with the melody inside his head and it is joyful.

I look to my left and see from where I stand the woman with the veiled face staring at the picture of the Holy One. She extends her hands to touch it but hesitates halfway as if afraid the image will disappear. That was the last image I saw as a deafening noise explodes in the space between us. And the silence that followed is engulfing.

From where I stand, the sea and sky are one. Just like the earth, the child, the man, the woman and me. Where one descends and the other ascends, we watch our souls meeting in a kiss of deepest blues and indigos. And it was amazing.


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