Be near me.

Next to you, my imagination comes to life. Everything is real and alive. I explore places and create worlds beyond anything I have ever seen in my waking hours. Nothing is impossible. Even my self-doubt is no match with your power.

Next to you, I find motivation. I move, think, fight. I dare myself to take a leap of faith and just move forward.

Next to you, this world seems a little brighter. Somehow, its beauty radiates at your feet, at the sound of your voice. The earth blends its sounds with you. And the melody you create is beautiful.

Next to you, I find deliverance. Your kindness is greater than the darkness in me. Greater than my deepest fear. Next to you, I am forgiven.

Next to you, I am learning how to be happy. The simple things turn out to be the biggest source of my joy. I am my own happiness as much as what I can take from life itself.

Next to you, I am dancing with angels. I am rediscovering an ancient design that I’ve always have but never known. With its ebbs and flows, I am like a flowing river.

Next to you, I matter. Your love makes me a part of something important. I am not lost and I belong.

Only time can tell but I have strayed away for far too long. Please find me again for I long to be by your side.



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