Un momento, por favor.

Forget for a moment.

the sound of your name
the why’s or the how’s
the uncertainty of things
your struggles
children’s laughter
the way you understand things
how it is that you know what you know
or what you don’t know
who you know
or who you don’t know
what makes you smile or cry or even mad
what makes you get over it
the pounding in your head
your dog’s smell
forget for a while how the color of your eyes changes
how a heart beats
the heat of the sun
the universe
the lies and secrets
where you belong
how you breathe
keep your mind blank
from the noise and the songs
from your voice
from repeated conversations
your pride
your lover’s presence
your depression
or inspiration
how you do your job
forget the words unfriend or follow or tweet
there is no color
or absence and presence of it
there is no such word as cancer or even a ‘you’re sick’
and money is nothing
forget your darkness and light
there is no good and evil
forget who you are
or the place you’re at
forget time right now
forget life and death
forget you’re reading this
or the panic when you realized
what if there is nothing to forget
or the truth that we are nothing at all.

how did you feel…for a moment?


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