Thoughts in his head.

The past

“Who’s to say that nothing will come out of this chance encounter? You never know, this may as well be a start of something good, if not better.”

“Take a leap of faith with me. Let’s just enjoy life and see where it’ll take us.”


“I hope we’ll be like this always. Happy, contented…I want to be the man that you will want and need. I love you and I’m the luckiest because you are loving me in return.”

“I’m glad we’ve decided to be together. The best moments of my life are happening now.”


“I don’t know what to say when you said that you’ve been loving me for much too long.” 

“I wonder when did it start. How you keep passing me by and we don’t really talk anymore. Like you’re far away from me but I’m just standing here. Our conversations are just half-hearted responses. You’re never there but I can touch you.”


“This is goodbye, then?”

“I still love you. Please don’t go.”

A few hours into the future…

“Maybe someday we’ll cross paths again…and we’ll both remember a shared past.”

“We had good times and for that, I am grateful.”

IMG_0221 - by lejan


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