Drowning my epic failure at Mt. Banahaw

3 days ago…

I just realized it was an epic failure. I was a failure. So tomorrow, I will take a walk and try to clear my mind before my destructive self comes out and hopefully, just hopefully I can turn this failure into a learning experience.


The planned walk turned into a mountain trekking over the weekend at Mt. Banahaw, a mystical mountain at Quezon province, Philippines. This is very popular for devotees of various religious sects and thousands of people go up this mountain especially during the Holy Week.

A very memorable experience I must say, where I got to enter (and successfully got out, thank God) the smallest caves I have ever seen, planted trees while going up one summit, made new friends and admired people’s beliefs on nature and their God.

The experience didn’t make my failure go away but it did challenge my physical and spiritual strength. I sustained cuts and bruises from this trekking (and yes my whole body is still screaming pain until now) but they’re worth it.

An epic failure turned into an epic journey.




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