You are beautiful.

To You,

You have a life and it is full of amazing possibilities.

I hope that you won’t be bitter no matter how hard or shitty things may be now. Don’t be jaded by someone or something, or if they do, I hope you will find the strength to bounce back and take back your light. Life (and people) are what you see them to be. If you see life as unfair, then it will seem to be so. Your happiness may not be someone else’s happiness or sometimes what you feel as sadness is another person’s joy. But everyone is a part of something bigger.

Every decision one makes is like a pebble being thrown into a lake, no matter how insignificant its size maybe; it can still make ripples that can go the distance. It’s like you also, that you are just as connected to someone in the same way like the pebble. Your actions may be small but sometime, somewhere, someone is touched by that small action. We may never realize it but we are just as important as the next person in line. So I hope you don’t hold yourself back and I hope after all these, you will still find life to be beautiful, you will still find beauty in yourself. Because you are beautiful to me and life, life is way better with you in it.

Because you hold me up. You are my reason for fighting to make it better. Because I too get bitter and jaded a lot of times but knowing I have you makes it bearable somehow. Knowing you gives me hope. And because you and me are one and the same.




P.S. Sharing something with you.


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