Where we may be.

Here we are. Lie down with me and let us look at the beauty above.

As the stars travel in space a million miles away from us, so will our dreams and whispered words. Watch them fly into the night like two lovers lost in a silent dance. Raise your hand and peer through the sky between the spaces in your fingers. See the moonlight change colors in your veins.

Here we are. A place of whites and greens.

The smell of soft grass and fresh dirt. The sun slowly burning the morning dew; willing a new start after the rain.  Watch my fingers caressing your name. Its twists and turns flowing through; like needle pricks bringing pain all over my body. Yours is warm against the cold and concrete reality. As if your fingers are on the other side mirroring mine.

Here we are. Lights leading into an open space.

Soft lullabies calming a weary heart. Believing that dreams and whispered words reach someplace, someone. Running to you just beyond the field of colorful blooms.

Here we are at the beginning. Home at last.


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