Just go

There is nothing wrong with you, you say.

You just can’t let go of the past. You just want to remember because remembering makes you happy, felt loved. Even if doing so also cause you pain. No, you just can’t let it go. You even like feeling the hurt. Because at least then, you feel something, alive. You know you never have it in the first place. It was all a lie. A lie you willed to believe. Believing was better than walking away in the first place.

How have you become so pathetic? You’ll take half-truths just to be with someone, be someone. You always say it’s going to work out when you know inside of you that no matter what you or anybody else does, it won’t change anything.

How did you forget to love yourself? Why did you let life pass you by?

Is this all you’ve got? You let the wishes and dreams just be wishes and dreams. You could do something, you know. You CAN do something. You can learn to move on.

How long will you keep wasting time?



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