His & Hers

When she was 22, she wanted white picket fences, a vacation house at the beach, a dog, lunch boxes, smell of freshly-baked cookies, weekend shopping, brunch with girlfriends and Friday dinner dates with the husband.

When he was 25, he liked living in a condo with the city’s skyscrapers as a view, the hurried pace, city smoke, the noise, coffee in the corner cafe, lunch in the fast food stand outside his building, night out with the guys and brief flings.

They said they couldn’t and wouldn’t compromise no matter what.

But she came along. And that got him thinking uncomfortably.

He too stirred something in her which cause gentle shifts in her point of view.

But still they said, they couldn’t and wouldn’t compromise.

They both have gone through many things in their lives, albeit one maybe different from the other. She is now 29 and he 32.

She lives in the 25th floor overlooking the city’s skyscrapers. She wakes up and buys coffee for him from the cafe downstairs. She catches the subway train just in time going to her work. She sends the occasional message and e-mail to her friends but they have yet to set aside time for meet ups. Dinner dates were reduced to once a month but oftentimes they postpone it for another time.

He lives in a quiet neighborhood with her and their two kids. They visit their vacation house during summer together. He  eats breakfast prepared by her as he waits for the children to get ready for school. He smells and hears nature during his morning jog with his dog. They often attend barbecue parties in their neighborhood but Friday night belongs to the two of them.

Still they said, they couldn’t and wouldn’t compromise…

Not with each other but they did with somebody else.


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