Death is for the living

There was a part in a book I recently read about a guy organizing his own eulogy. He invited a few of his closest friends although he did not inform them what the gathering is all about. Yes, he wanted to be present in his own eulogy before his death!

Would I want that? Be present in my own eulogy? Would I be able to stand everything and anything people will say about me. Would it change something even though all of the people who would be attending and myself know I’m going to die soon? Would their words bring me a certain happiness or sadness even, knowing that any minute I’ll be gone forever? Would I be more at peace leaving everything behind if I knew people’s versions of my life?

It got me thinking, maybe death is for the living.

The dead will no longer feel the same way as the living does. The living gets to carry the emotions and be the one who has to move on. The dead? Well, who really knows? If he gets to go in another place, will he be the same person? Will he still know the same things?

Who is forever change when something leaves or dies? Isn’t it the one who gets left behind?

Words and compassion offered during death are ripples brought about by someone’s life who once breathe the same air as the living does. The same air continues in order for the living to remember death and have a life.


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