Liebster Award

Imagine my surprise when I received a notification that someone gifted me with an award. I really didn’t have any idea what and why I received this. A quick peek at my sponsor’s page (big thanks to hisgirl96) got me up to speed with the whole idea so here goes…

By the way, the rules are quite simple:

  • post 11 things about yourself
  • answer the 11 questions from the person who gave you the award
  • list 11 questions
  • pass the award to 11 persons (go to their site and inform them, of course)
  • that’s it and oh! no tag backs

To start with, the 11 tidbits about me:

  • i’m a Christian
  • my real name was inspired by a spanish number
  • i don’t eat liver spread (yes, the processed ones) but i eat cooked liver
  • my favorite color is pink
  • i like going to bookstores
  • i prefer wedges over stilettos
  • my latest thing now is trekking with friends
  • i’m disorganized
  • i know that everyone has a choice even if we say we don’t
  • i don’t wear a watch but i don’t leave the house without a bracelet on
  • i like to travel

11 questions from hisgirl96:

  1. what kind of music do you hate?  – the ones that i don’t understand
  2. What would be the sweetest thing you´re boy-/girlfriend, husband/ wife or others could do? – give me a hug even if i don’t ask them to
  3. Which mobile phone do you got? – i got a samsung and a nokia
  4. What´s your favorite car? – i don’t have a favorite yet since i only do minimal driving
  5. Do you believe in god? – yes
  6. What was the craziest thing you have ever done? – went on a spontaneous visit to a foreign country without a clue where to go and what to do
  7. What was your scariest movie you have ever seen? – the ring (japanese version)
  8. Coffee or tea? – tea
  9. Where would you love to go like Hawai or other holidaytrips? – New Zealand
  10. Your favorite authors? – Paulo Coelho, John Grisham
  11. What do you think about wordpress? Good idea or not? – Very good 🙂

And i’m passing the award to traumatotreasure, adiktude, randomdorkness, withintheeye, mwyf, scribbled-scribble, chasposted, atokwayne, foreverafreebird, loveandcuterunningshoes and bigeyebrows. Don’t think you need to do this if you don’t want to, okay?

  1. Are you a morning or night person?
  2. Your craziest fear?
  3. First person you think when you wake up?
  4. The language/s you wish you can speak?
  5. Your favorite alcoholic drink?
  6. Singing or dancing?
  7. Your favorite book so far?
  8. Given a choice, what would you name yourself?
  9. Your top blog sites are?
  10. Extreme sports you’d like to learn?
  11. Most expensive thing you own?


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