On blogging.

A lot of times, it’s easier to say your message through web media cause in that way, you don’t need to fear rejection or praise; whichever will bring more justice to your thoughts. Strangers see your work and they can judge or choose to ignore it and it will be alright because it won’t matter that much since they do not know you and what you are capable of. And it’s the same way they are to you. Because the ones that do (and they can hurt or make you happy) are the people closest and the people you know. Because they do know you and what you are capable of. Because by being a serious (and sometimes paid) writer, there’s a certain degree of needing to know your audience because in some way or another (even if one denies it); a writer writes for the audience and hope that they will set a time from their daily life to read his or her work. By being a blogger, you need not to be serious or pay full attention on how you narrate your story and you need not write for an audience but you can if you want to.

Sometimes, there’s a safe ground in giving a part of yourself to strangers when all around you is familiar.


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