I am. Nobody and nothing should define your entirety without your permission.

Now. Learn from the past and look forward to the future. But focus on the here and now; you are alive at this very moment.

Discover. That of which you came about and living a life with the how’s and why’s. Don’t stop being curious.

Echo. Be a reflection of goodness, of separation from things and moments that hinder your growth.

Proud. Show your true power but don’t conquer anybody else’s dreams but your own.

Educate. Ask. Learn. Share. Use your mind to make your surrounding a better place.

Nobility. Don’t look down on anyone. Every person plays a part.

Defy. Shatter limiting ideas and definitions.

Empty. Don’t dwell too much on your hurts. Let your light shine.

Never. Sometimes it’s fine to stop. You don’t and shouldn’t have to do everything.

Choice. You’ll always have this. It’s the choosing and the result that matter most.

Every day. Let your soul be free.


A blessed 114th Independence day!



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