make you wake up slow
savoring the nostalgia
of your hand, your kiss
and beautiful moments
of past times

good memories
make you wistful
and hopeful
for more of your touch
for more of your time
and you and me

let it out

Don’t hold them in.
When you hear a great tune and you want to hum or dance along; then do.
Have a joke even if it’s crappy or good? Tell it and share a laugh. Don’t hold the laughter in.
If you want to cry, then cry even if you won’t look pretty afterwards; you’ll feel good though.
Do not fear to let the world know how you feel.
All emotions are beautiful.
All are free to be expressed.

Day 40: 40 days of lent project

Father God, here I am – a sinner, unworthy of your likeness. But I do believe that you are also a God of broken people, of imperfect creations, of lost wanderers. May your grace be more than the sum of my being, your love more than what I am. Amen

Today is the last day of this personal project in the observance of Lent. Thank you for the likes and appreciation. I hope I was able to encourage your faith in one way or another through this project. May God bless us all!

Day 39: 40 days of lent project

Father God, I have a messed up mind, a messed up heart, a messed up life. Yet I know that I am still being taken cared of. Won’t you please keep me above these dark waters before I drown? Amen.