Day 12: 40 days of lent project

Father God, thank you for today, for the chance to begin again. Let our hearts be open to great days and even greater blessings from you. May we be forever on your side no matter if it’s the beginning or the end of anything. Amen

jump to joy

If your life gets heavy and you need to take a breather from it all, go to that place and you’ll find us there. We’re not going anywhere but here with you. We’ll dance and scream until our feet can’t feel the ground anymore. Jump to joy and kiss the worries away until the moon gives way to the morning light.

Day 11: 40 days of lent project

Father God, for I know I am not worthy to call you Father and I do not come even close to being your child. But still you love me. You show me that your love is more than the unworthiness of my life and of this world. May your grace continuously pull me out from the guilt of this unworthy life. Amen

Day 10: 40 days of lent project

Father God, please do not let me go astray from your grace. Let your mercy overcome the sickness in me. Let it transform the darkness in me so I too can proclaim your goodness. Be merciful O God to this sinner. Amen


IMG_0090oh darling, there’s something lonesome about you
won’t you let the sun shine through the deepest hole of your heart