“I am learning each day that it’s good to show yourself, to tear down the walls that we build when we have been hurt. We must let the sunshine of honesty and love flow into our souls, just as we must let light fall upon all living things. To open up is to breathe in, to let our hearts be vulnerable is the first step that leads us to run towards something good. I am not extending my hand to an unknown when I allow myself to feel deeply, instead, I am reaching with the hope that my future will not be the same as my past. Because when we are vulnerable with those we love, we grow stronger and more whole in who we are, and ultimately we find ourselves becoming who we were created to be.” – T.B. LaBerge

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A sister is both your mirror and your opposite. – Elizabeth Fishel

When letting go feels a bit like coming home. Being undone makes breathing a little easier. And accepting failures feels like a healing hand. In these moments, a soul finds wisdom from its own brokenness.


I introduced to her the alphabet sign language and she learned it fast in just one sitting. She has a speech disorder and goes to a regular public school but unfortunately the school does not have a special class for children like her. She does well in her studies though. A proof of a resilient child. DSCN3282

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