on being broken

You’re going to cry, and you’re going to hurt. You’re going to wonder, and you’re probably going to blunder. You’re going to question and plead, asking “Why me?!” But in the end, you’re going to breathe. So breathe and breathe until you have gotten the ache out; breathe and breathe until you have forgotten the hurt.

You will be different, but you will be better, whether it was from a broken heart or the loss of a dream. You’re still alive, and you’re getting much better. – T.B. LaBerge



Though the things I hold dear will burn to the ground and my skin will wrinkle under the sun. My mind will wither and my hands will break. The memories will fade and my sins unforgiven. And yet I have been given this one life. I have walked this beautiful place. I saw, experienced, moved and changed. There will be dark and glory days, of messes and blessed things.

To still have these is a luxury so yes, being alive is still amazing.


To wake up without expectations. Spend the day without waiting for someone or something. To gaze at the stars, simply admiring them for what they are – just bodies in space and not something to wish upon with.