“Right now, you could be toiling away unseen and unnoticed, waiting for your big break. You might be discouraged because nothing is paying off, or you feel you’re constantly catching up to a version of someone you’ve yet to be. You could be compensating for a failure behind you or trying to prove your merit to the people around you. No one likes this part, because we see everyone else’s highlights and we presume they’ve got it together and we’re relegated to second-rate status. We might even feel that our current work is beneath our true potential. We want to be doing “great things,” but we’re stuck in limbo, in that icky middle. The truth is that you can prosper right where you are. You can still be teachable in your season behind-the-scenes, even if that season is for life. God’s greatness is available to you so long as you remain available. No one needs to climb the throne to get there. You only need to be present and presently engaged.” – J.S. Park

Dear M

Dear M,

Won’t you come cry with me and listen to my sorrows? I miss your hugs, your voice. I need you to make me laugh again. Life hasn’t been exactly better for some time now. It feels like I am not going anywhere. Been waking up each day without a sense of direction, just wasting away time and the gifts of this earth.

How do you do it? How do you keep living? I look at you and I see someone who is so alive, who conquers the fear of going out there everyday. Someone who gives shit about failures, broken hearts and dreams yet starts again somehow. Who understands that life breaks you in many ways yet still embraces living.

I want to be better. I want to make my life better. But I do not know what to do, M. Much as I would like to believe that things will be alright, I can’t conceive it in my mind. I cannot see yet that I will grow better after this. I haven’t been exactly looking out for the future.

Where do I start? Please tell me what to do. Please show me how to fight because I’m finding it hard to continue.

Come see me soon please,