We've been running in circles yet never ended in the same path. I only wanted calm waters but you can never stand still. - opposites



love me at midnight. in this bewitching hour when the deepest, darkest thought emerges, when the devil and angel rest; when nothing exists but you and me, and the blank space. - black hole


Bounded by the same blood that runs through our veins. Bounded by a ritual, a blessing, a name. You have no choice but to love me. - charmed ones


One look, two faces. Both are my joys and my woes. My blood and my hope. Bless these gifts. - twins


Be kinder. You probably don't like her sometimes but she's not perfect. She will never be. But she can be someone you can love. She can be someone you can be proud of. Encourage instead of highlighting her flaws. Date her, love her. Be best friends with her. - selfie


You welcomed me. Never asked my intention. You smiled and I knew, I have found a place to belong. - july

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