Weekend Snapshots: Rosary Garden

IMG_0022mOne of the most visited Catholic pilgrimage sites is The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag in Pangasinan. Hundreds visit the century-old image of Blessed MotherĀ almost everyday. During Lenten season and its feast day, devotees from all over flock to this pilgrimage site.
While waiting for the Holy Mass to start during our visit today, I got to explore the Rosary Garden. There weren’t too many flowers since I think it was not their season to bloom but still, the garden is a great area to see. Fortunately, there weren’t too many people around so I got to take photos freely.
IMG_0120m IMG_0003m IMG_0087m IMG_0008m IMG_0056m IMG_0032m IMG_0078m IMG_0047m IMG_0018m IMG_0071m IMG_0035m IMG_0121m IMG_0095m IMG_0105m

Hope you have a great weekend!

On the front porch in a clear evening

Standing outside
staring into the open spaces
lights glowing in the horizon
the moonlight dances through the trees.

Come dance with me.
Can you hear the music in the night?

You can stay a while for what we got
may be the only thing that matters
for a long time.
Or you can go but carry no memory of this night.
Move forward to the city lights.
Getting lost along the way.
Getting lost in your mind.

Oh, I can tell you that tonight will be beautiful.
This could be awesome.
This could be our present
and we are here.

In a few years’ time,
we won’t know where we will be
but we’ll remember that night.
We had fun.
We found our truth.

So, won’t you dance with me
and stay for a while?

Find time to feed your soul


Feed your soul with happy memories even if the body succumbs to weariness (like what mine has been for the past few days). Give your body and spirit a chance to rest, a time to recuperate, to heal, to be better.

Wishing you more moments to play in the sand, chase the water, feed the soul.

On a rooftop with love

I would walk a thousand miles
and no matter how long it takes,
I will come running home to you.
I would cross oceans and no matter
how big the waves are,
I will sail home to you.
I would chase your troubles away
and no matter how dangerous it’ll get,
I will still come knocking at your door.
I would sing and dance for you
and no matter how funny it will sound,
I will still scream my lungs out for you.
My two left feet will never tire of dancing for you.
I would fall in love over and over
and no matter how crazy you can get,
still my heart will keep on finding ways
to love you more.