I know I should forget but I can’t.

Maybe it was something you said
or something I did?
Maybe it was the booze
or maybe we were just high from the weed?
Maybe it was the color of your shirt
or was it the coffee stain in my dress?
Was it the scent of your skin
or the smell of fear in the room?
Maybe it was the light in your eyes
or the voices in my head?
Was it the stillness of the night
or the rhythm of my pulse?
Maybe it was the shadow behind your back
or the demon inside me?
Was it the sweet smell of blood
or the way your name sounded in my lips?
Was it the silent pleading
or the realization that the end is with me?

I know I should forget but your memory is special.

I was your last breath.
You were my first kill.

Sunday quote

If you’ve lost your passion for the work you do. Then I suggest you find new challenges. Find new barriers to hurdle. Fine new walls to break down. And that will ignite the passion you once had. – Lydia Callis