Find time to feed your soul


Feed your soul with happy memories even if the body succumbs to weariness (like what mine has been for the past few days). Give your body and spirit a chance to rest, a time to recuperate, to heal, to be better.

Wishing you more moments to play in the sand, chase the water, feed the soul.

On a rooftop with love

I would walk a thousand miles
and no matter how long it takes,
I will come running home to you.
I would cross oceans and no matter
how big the waves are,
I will sail home to you.
I would chase your troubles away
and no matter how dangerous it’ll get,
I will still come knocking at your door.
I would sing and dance for you
and no matter how funny it will sound,
I will still scream my lungs out for you.
My two left feet will never tire of dancing for you.
I would fall in love over and over
and no matter how crazy you can get,
still my heart will keep on finding ways
to love you more.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy


“It was, though he would not realize it for years, a defining moment. That there were other worlds, invisible, unknown, beyond imagination even, was a revelation to him.” – The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

Photo inspired by the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge