How to begin?

I know I love you
but I don’t know how to feel it.
Because loving you demands work;
for without a great deal of it,
love will only be an idea.
Like a stagnant water,
decaying on its own.
I know I love you
but I don’t know how to embrace it.
Because you make it hard for me to do so.
Constantly giving me reasons
to question its purpose.
Arguing the very essence of love.
I know I love you
but I don’t know how to see it.
Because you’ve built a wall
around your wild heart
and never let me in long enough to touch it.
But still, I know I love you;
I just don’t know how to.

Man in the mirror

I am not her.
The one you chose to be with.
The one you hold hands with.
Whose finger wears your ring.
The one who doesn’t know your truth.

No, I will never be her.
I am just the one who tolerates the lies.
Whose heart keeps hurting every time the door closes.
The one in the shadows.
Trapped in both our cowardice.
I am just the man who chose to hide.
Forever waiting for the light.

Go Bohol!

Last weekend was spent re-discovering Bohol for the third time. This province never ceases to surprise me even if there were places deeply affected by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake late last year. We took so many photos and it’s hard to choose what to show here but I hope you will enjoy these. Go visit Bohol and have fun!

As I was writing this, typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) just propelled Manila and several of the provinces with very strong winds and rain. Praying for better weather soon.