Be love, girl.

You’ve got to have courage, girl. Be strong, be creative. Be smart. Keep your hands busy with things that matter to you. Listen and learn. It always pays to be in the know. Immerse yourself in something worthwhile and good. Go and discover yourself through challenging times and interesting people. Travel outside your room and inside your heart and soul. Be love, girl and share it along your journey.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

litterthoughts/wpc/twinkleAs the leaves sway and dances with the wind, the sun winks from above.

Photo inspired by Daily Post‘s photo challenge.

Notes on a Monday

Cause the chaos. Cause the stillness.
Stir the water. Test it. Direct it.
Disturb the dirt. Get stained.
Be lost in the wilderness.
Lie down on the earth.
Hear its sounds.
Journey on.
Look it up.

Poster no. 42

For the hangovers and actions which may be used against you during this season’s festivities.

And yes, it was really the booze’s fault! :-)